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もしもあの時IF I HAD..THEN Birthday Present


多数カラーイラスト入り電子書籍日本語版  携帯電話でも読めます。



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eBook   Time Travel Fantasy Light Novel  

IF I HAD...THEN   Birthday Present  US$2.99 /2,69 €

Light novel easy to get through with many color illustrations. E-book is available in multiple websites

If you are given a chance to go back to the past what would you do? 


Amazon sales site.


book-ebook.com (Europe)


Here's the link with 30 days free trial site. SCRIBD

Printed book with color illustrations will become available in early May, 2018.  It will be sold from multiple stores.


映画 Films   Dawnload   rental/sales ダウンロードサイト


1) Anime Fan Tom  アニメファン トム https://www.createspace.com/380713 Tom's trip /life in Tokyo

2) 21 Ways to Lose or Win a Woman 女性に振られる好かれる21の方法   42 dating scenes of 4 couples


3) Magic Sketchbook 魔法のスケッチブック  Fantasy film:  pictures children draw pop up


英語の本 English text books download販売 (book)

 http://p.booklog.jp/book/108941h (英語上達法)  短期間で英語を上達させるコツの数々の紹介

http://p.booklog.jp/book/108939 英語speechPresentation500円  English Textbook

http://p.booklog.jp/books/73557 英語で日本紹介: (携帯でも見れます)Introducing Japan (English textbook9  24 chapters

A pocket size textbook JAPANESE in 3 WEEKS (Conversations,  Japanese letters) will be published later this year (2018)