1)  Memories of My  Japanese Step Mother: Screenplay  Genre: Fantasy, Romance & Action

*Seeking investors for funds for this international /multi-language movie project realization.
Feature Film production project proposal: Enigmatic Romance with Japanese woman, Treasure Hunting, & Action
Tim was raised by Japanese step mother, Noriko, after his mother dies when he was 3. His father, Robert, a journalist marries a Japanese woman.  He was raised by this tender woman. She dies when he was 16. His father also dies hit by bullets during his reportage in Iraq.  Tim sees a dream in which Noriko invites him to a bamboo forest where he finds the treasure.  When he goes to Japan, he sees his mother's ghost.  Actually she was her cousin, Kumi, who resembles her.  She inherited a mansion but is experiencing life threatening dangers. Tim fights with the evil to protect Kumi. 
Seeking investors for funds for this international /multi-language movie project realization.


映画脚本 2:「日本人の母の思い出」    ジャンル:ファンタジー、ロマンス、アクション
(*本と映画製作への資金投資者 募集中)
ティムは生みの母が3歳で亡くなった後、父ロバートの再婚相手の日本人母親 紀子に育てられる。しかし育ての母は彼が16歳の時に交通事故でなくなる。彼の父もイラクで取材中に銃弾に倒れ亡くなる。ある晩、ティムの夢で母、紀子が竹林に招く、ついてゆくと輝く宝がある。ティムは日本ゆくと、母の亡霊を見る。しかし、その人は母のいとこ久美だった。久美は屋敷を相続したが、命を脅かす危険にさらされている。ティムは久美を守るために敵と戦う。

2) ”Tokyo Dreamers” by Mari Yamaoka  (  Genre: Drama, Romantic comedy

映画脚本 1: 「東京ドリーマーズ」      ジャンル:ドラマ、ロマンス、コメディー 

Film production project proposal: "The Sex & the City" meets "Lost in Translation"
Seeking investors for funds for this international /multi-language movie project realization.
多言語さし絵入り本と映画製作のための資金投資者 募集中

It had received awards at international film festivals(Waiting to be funded for a movie production)

Tokyo Dreamers is a romantic comedy about three single women living and working in Tokyo.
Two Japanese women, (one separated single mother, one single never married) and a divorced 
American woman chat about their lives in a trendy cafe in Tokyo.  They hang out together
to single scenes. (110 pages A screenplay  and concepts for a 110 minutes movie production)
Screenplay Award(脚本賞):
*Novel  based on screenplay is in preparation for a digital book publication
*脚本を小説としてDigital Bookで発売のための準備中複数の国際映画祭で受賞 

一緒にでかける。(110頁  110分の映画作成のためのシナリオ原稿と映画コンセプト